PHS International signs full line distribution deal with Williams Trading Co.

10.04.2014 | Phoenix, Arizona, USA – PHS International has expanded its full line distribution deal with Williams Trading Co. to include the entire Bijoux de Nip decorated nipple clamp collection and unique vegan biothane BDSM gear. Backed by Williams Trading Co.’s 40 years of adult industry expertise, PHS International will further expand its reach into domestic markets to bring its fully merchandised brand lineup to even more retailers across the country.



Williams Trading Co. has added to its catalog the complete Bijoux de Nip line, which includes colorful feathered and bejeweled nipple adornment featuring five different clamp styles – black tweezer, blue tweezer, pink tweezer, alligator and wide tweezer. As much a fashion accessory as a fetish accessory, Bijoux de Nip has caught the attention of consumers from all lifestyles and mainstreamed nipple play with its bright colors and quality craftsmanship.


“What sets PHS apart from its competition is the material and color choice of their products,” said Erin MacCord, marketing and vendor liaison for Williams Trading Co. “PHS products are ‘green,’ some even vegan, which appeals to the growing number of health conscious individuals around the globe looking for environmentally friendly and body safe products. Consumer demand for nipple clamps that are pretty, feminine and fashionable has increased, and PHS has stepped up to meet that demand. And PHS offers one of the most colorful arrays of BDSM toys on the market. Hues such as sky blue and fuchsia, which mimic color choices by other industries such as Apple iPods, give the line a fun, non-intimidating look.”


With a special understanding of the profitability of product crossover, Williams Trading Co. is putting special attention on PHS product lines that introduce and inspire new ways for retailers to cross-promote and diversify.


“Biothane, for example, is a vegan leather alternative that is waterproof, crack resistant and safer to use overall,” MacCord said. “Biothane is already an industry standard for ambulance equipment and skydiving harnesses, two industries that have the highest safety standards. Applying biothane technology to an adult toy line makes sense and makes the consumer that much more confident in their own abilities when using the product.”


This recent catalog expansion further solidifies the successful business relationship between PHS International and Williams Trading Co., and the PHS team looks forward to an exciting and profitable year.M2MRB314R_LOW.


“Williams Trading Co. understands the importance of full line distribution,” PHS International CEO Chuck Harnish said. “Our lines have always performed successfully, and as a result Williams Trading Co. has always been one of the first to add almost 100% of all new items we introduce. We are so happy to have them as one of our biggest supporters and it’s a pleasure doing business with their team!”


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