PHS Debuts New Hand-beaded ‘Bijoux de Nip’ Clamps

28.08.2014 | Phoenix, Arizona, USA – PHS International now debuts a new series of decorative nipple clamps from the popular Bijoux de Nip collection, now featuring hand-beaded accents in an array of color and shapes.

Complementing its luxury line of semiprecious stone clamps, these new beaded nipple pendants match art with sensuality and offer a lighter-weight and more affordable option for fans of ornate intimate adornment.
Red Beaded_LOWAs much a fashion accessory as a fetish accessory, Bijoux de Nip clamps have caught the attention of consumers from all lifestyles and mainstreamed nipple play with its bright colors and quality craftsmanship. Assembled in the USA, each style tells a visual “story” using individual beaded arrangements and color combinations. Shoppers can choose from:
• Iridescent pearl beads with crystal droplets
• Opalescent heart- or star-shaped beads with clamps anodized in pink or blue
• Vibrant turquoise heart- or star-shaped beads
• Lustrous pearl or silver tassels
• Soft earth tones with black clamps
• “Swag” clamps connected by colorful pendants for ornate décolletage
“Bijoux de Nip artfully fulfills the growing demand for nipple clamps that are pretty, feminine and fashionable and has helped retailers diversify their inventories with sensual and beautiful intimate adornment ,” PHS International CEO Chuck Harnish said.
“The line debuted with luxury semiprecious gemstones followed by colorful feather embellishment, and lightweight beading was the logical next step. We locally source the best supplies and hand-craft each clamp right here in the U.S., which helps keep the price point incredibly competitive. And after a successful ANME sneak preview, we’re proud to announce that these new Bijoux de Nip styles are now shipping, so place your orders today!” For more information, visit