Perfect Pleasure with Nasstoys

19.05.2014 | New York, New York, USA – The East Coast based adult pleasure product manufacturer Nasstoys, offers its newest collection of personal massagers, called Perfection. With its four new offerings, each available in two colors, these are vibrators can literally called novelties.



“We’re perfecting what we offer and want people to feel exactly that when they use these devices,” says Kathryn Hartman, Sales & Marketing Director for Nasstoys. “With a market so saturated by cheap novelties, we decided that now was the time to offer products that will make you feel perfect without breaking the bank.” 2507_1
The new Perfection Collection offers four personal massagers with new additions planned in the coming months. The inaugural collection features the Perfection Ribbed, Perfection Dolphin, Perfection Rabbit and Perfection G-Spot. All four vibrators are available in two colors each and are made of a premium silicone material that is delivering the vibrations perfectly.
“All of the vibrators in our new Perfection Collection are not only made of high grade silicone, they are waterproof so you can enjoy them in any type of environment, be it a bedroom, bathroom, or boidoir,” Hartman continues. “Each vibe boasts 10 functions that will please you and tease you until you feel perfect again inside.”
Nasstoys latest Perfection Collection is now available for shipment. For more information about the collection, visit