Peace and Prisoner


11.03.2019 | Huntington Beach, California, USA – Give peace a chance with Sportsheets new Peace Vibe. This Dual-motored device will take the user to places she only dreamed of. With 10 functions and 10 different coordinating colors, she’ll find her favorite hue in no time. The Peace Vibe is extremely flexible and can bend into comfortable shapes that hit her secret spot just right.

And this is not the only new toy at Sportsheets’:

For example there is a new ball gag: The customer can develop a new way to communicate, reading his or her partner’s eyes and body. Savor every smothereSportsheetsd whimper and groan as one indulges his or her cravings. The dom should press the ball past the lover’s lips, between those pearly whites, to remind them that they are there to be seen, and not heard. Every moan will be muffled, and every shout will be stifled. The locking strap ensures the plaything’s silence for as long as the dom desires. Made of high-quality silicone, this gag has no taste or smell, and cleans thoroughly with mild soap and warm water.

And what if the sub not only to silent, but also to be motionsless? The dom can turn his or her lover into a captive prisoner with the binding gauntlet cuffs. Sewn and hewn with a striking crimson ribbon, these implements of imprisonment also serve to arrange the body of the beloved into the silhouette of a statuesque Grecian form, whether the dom binds them behind or in front of their helpless body.

And the Unity Vibe™ is small enough to hide in apurse, center console, or even a strap on pocket. With five speeds it’s sure to please. Comes with a five year warranty and is USB rechargeable.