Partner Up for Shots Charity Walk

14.07.2014 | Beneden Leeuwen, the Netherlands – With the Shots Sales Week and the big Shots Media Party alongside the 4 Daagse March there is a lot of work for Oscar Heijnen and his team. Nevertheless, Oscar takes care of the Shots Charity Walk with a new and special Charity called “Stichting Warme Beer” (Stichting Warm Bear). To make the outcome for the Charity Walk a bigger success Oscar likes to partner up with some of Shots Media business partners to co-sponsor the occasion.

The idea of Stichting Warme Beer was developed by the young Tomas who had overcome a leukaemia diagnosis although his prospects did not look good. As a sort of a comfort he got a cuddly toy to keep him company during this scary period. This was a bear with a special stuffing which can be put in a microwave and heats up to give a warm and cosy feeling. The bear gave him lots of consolation during his illness. In his perception, the bear saved his life…
The good news is that his life was saved by a bone marrow transplant and he is still here to tell the story. Walk for Chartiy Being grateful for all of this, Tomas wanted to do something back and he started his charity that takes these cuddly bears to children´s hospitals to comfort them in their struggle to survive. The bears have a cost price of 20 Euros and every year so far, there have been about 400 children that were surprised with a bear by Tomas himself. The charity works solely with volunteers and all the money that comes in gets used to buy bears. No overhead, just bears. For further information, please visit
At this point Oscar likes to help, too, and he hopes to raise as much money as possible during the famous Shots Media Party. At the end of the event Oscar will hand over a cheque to Tomas who will be present at the party.
To make this moment a special and big one Oscar is looking for special partners, who like to give a bigger amount of money and be presented on the cheque as Charity-Partner of Shots Media, too. “There will be a lot of media exposure and the photo of the handing over of the cheque will be in all major European trade journals. Also we will get it out through social media such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and all Shots websites”, Oscar says.
To be part of the charity, please contact Oscar about the details of this year’s Charity and the chance to be a sponsor for it until Wednesday 16th.