Pabo opens Flagship Store in Amsterdam

21.01.2014 | Amsterdam, The Netherlands – This week Beate Uhse encounters a remarkable scoop: Pabo, Europe’s largest and oldest concern for erotic products, has a complete new look and feel and opens its first ‘Flagship Store’ in the city center of Amsterdam on 25th January 2014.



The rebranding of Pabo is all about ‘bringing love back into the bedroom’. Pabo is determined to reach out to the female target group and will do so with an extensive lingerie assortment from house brands like KissMe and Besired. Pabo also offers a collection of toys for women and couples from both own brands and the best international brands.


New store concept
The store opening in Amsterdam is the first of the ‘Pabo new style’ store in The Netherlands. Pabo opened its doors last month in the new store concept in Roeselare, Belgium and Cologne, Germany. The result of this female friendly concept is a complete new shopping experience. The shop presents a new look where women feel comfortable shopping for erotic toys and lingerie. The style, design, logo and concept, everything has been changed to offer women a friendly environment in search of the perfect additions to their love life.



From male to female
In the last decade Pabo focused mainly on the male target group (80%). However, in the last five to ten years there has been a great shift in the erotic market. It’s no longer men who shop in erotic shops, it is now women who dominate the market. Nowadays women are responsible for 70% of the turnover. The repositioning of the brand and a metamorphosis of the retail stores, catalogue and online shop were necessary in order to meet the changing demands.


Store opening
The new Pabo store will be officially opened on Saturday 25th January at 10:00 AM. Everybody is invited to visit the shop and to celebrate the grand opening. Address: Nieuwendijk 57, Amsterdam.