New Sex Toys for Anal Pleasure


19.02.2018 | Flensburg, Germany – New sex toys from the Black Velvets range (from You2Toys) for anal pleasure are now available from Orion Wholesale. The sex toys 05324100000_Verp_lifrom this special range are made out of black silicone and their smooth surfaces are wonderfully slippery when used with water-based lubricant. The shapes of the toys have been carefully designed – they have practical loops or narrow handles for a secure fit, and stimulating textures like grooves or wavy parts for additional pleasure.

Cone-shaped today, ball-shaped tomorrow or an end for each person? It doesn’t matter whether you’re using this black Anal Dildo from Black Velvets alone or with a partner because either way it’ll be great fun! The flexible dildo has one cone-shaped end and one ball-shaped end, which means that it’s perfect for lots of different kinds of fun.

The Tunnel Plug doesn’t just stand out from the rest because of its outer Ø of 3.3 cm to 5.1 cm, but also because it’s hollow and therefore perfect for fancy anal fun! This hollow butt plug keeps the back entrance open and invites a partner to look “inside” and feel the area. The wide stopper helps it fit securely.

The Black Velvets sex toys are delivered in a high-quality cardboard box. There is a description of the product in various languages on the packaging as well. For orders and further information please visit