New Hoolalass by Keepburning

At Keepburning, we are fearless and we never hesitate to offer exclusive hotties, inventions that would make the Marquis de Sade look like Donald Trump; as well as well rock and roll improvements to our existing toys. Here is our current delusion: a silicone ass-locker vaguely reminiscent of the shape of a wrench that we decided to call Hoolalass. Because this is exactly the kind of expletive that users will holler…

The principle is very simple. In the opening of 40 mm, you insert your penis. In the other one, with a width of 30 mm, you stall one of our 12 plug models, found among the most varied and technical ones on the market, with tips that come in varied sizes and shapes, made for the beginners as well as the Expert Ass Players. What happens next depends on your desires, your expertise, and your most ardent and intimate pleasure.

With its mechanical design, unique shape and black and fluorescent yellow colors, our Hoolalass is a world première, the ideal tool for playing alone or with a partner. Solo, it brings new sensations during masturbation and can be donned under clothing during any type of activity, depending on your inclinations and moods (sport, bike riding, work, outings, driving…). With a partner, during penetration, the combined effects of the cock ring and the plug are completely maddening, exponential at the slightest heave of the pelvis. Almost devilish but 100% hedonistic, a calibrated invention that quickly raises the temperature by ten degrees!