New demonstration videos by CB-X Male Chastity

16.03.2015 | Las Vegas, Nevada, USA – In February, CB-X Male Chastity wrapped production on a series of demonstration videos with instructions on how to assemble CB-X Male Chastity devices. The first of the video series are now available online and include both adult and non-adult versions for the CB-6000 and PA-5000.

“Because our devices are made to accommodate a wide array of body types, each complete kit includes a lot of parts and pieces that can sometimes confuse a new user,” explains Nikki Yates, Corporate Director of CB-X Male Chastity. “With this in mind, we decided to create this video series to make it easier for users to learn how to use the device correctly showing an actual penis, as well as videos that are more work safe for sharing on social media as well as for distributors and retailers to use them on a B2B level.”
The non-adult versions openerof CB-X’s new demonstration videos are available on the manufacturer’s official YouTube channel. Adult versions of the instructional videos, showing the device being put on a real man’s penis, are available on CB-X’s Vimeo page. Both channel’s feature full HD videos, which were shot in 16×9 format. Mobile friendly versions of the videos are also available on the manufacturer’s own website.
Future videos for CB-X’s designer series devices and for The Curve are currently in post-production and will be made available soon. Subscribe to CB-X Male Chastity’s YouTube and Vimeo channels to receive updates when new videos become available. Distributors and retailers can also request links to download HD resolution copies of the videos by emailing CB-X’s video producer: