Naughty Bunny was a hit at the Scala Fair

17.03.2016 | Almere, The Netherlands – Naughty Bunny, the new novelty collection by Scala Playhouse, has been a big hit with visitors of the Extravaganza Scala Fair on the 13th and 14th of March. The naughty bunny around made many new friends and is predicted to conquer many more hearts in the coming month.

wk11_pb_SIGN_Naughty-Bunny_400x300The Naughty Bunny collection is a unique novelty range starring the most mischievous bunny you’ve ever seen. He wears his ‘I (heart) Porno’ T-shirt with pride and there is nothing he likes more than some hot and heavy adult movies with some rampant, steamy scenes. He is kinky, cuddly and your new explicit bedtime buddy! This pink rabbit has a not so secret addiction: he loves to get freaky and can’t hide it. Do you dare to let him in your bed? Visitors responded in a variety of ways to this new thumping star, but all agreed it was a fun, playful and humorous addition to the Scala Playhouse novelty assortment.

“I think tourists will love him”, one visitor smiled. “We like to present our assortment with a bit of humor, so he will fit right in with our assortment”, another stated. One visitor was pleased about the material choice for the cuddly toy: “We’ve stocked similar items in the past, but this collection is of much higher quality; which we missed in the previous stock. I think it will do very well with our consumers.” The orders for the Naughty Bunny collection came  in during the fair, with one costumer adding: “It is exactly what we needed for our ‘Easter-themed’ store display. Much more original than just putting some remote controlled eggs in the window.” The Naughty Bunny collection is now ready to order at Scala Playhouse.