Mystim wins Erospain Award ‘Niche Brand of the Year 2024’


21.05.2024 | Barcelona, Spain – Mystim, the renowned German manufacturer of high-quality erotic toys, has achieved a significant success during Erospain, an extremely successful trade fair for the company. Mystim was honoured with the coveted Erospain ‘Niche Brand of the Year’ award, a recognition of its excellent work in the industry.

Since its foundation in 2005, Mystim has established itself as a pioneer in the manufacture of erotic toys, especially but not only in the field of electrostimulation. Mystim’s products combine the functions of classic vibrators with those of electrostimulation and EMS training, which not only provides fun for the ever-growing customer base, but also effective pelvic floor training if required.Mystim Award

“We are incredibly grateful and proud to win the Erospain Award ‘Niche Brand of the Year’,” said Christoph Hofmann, founder and CEO of Mystim. “This award is a confirmation of our continued dedication to quality, design and the use of the highest quality materials in all our products.”

Mystim is known for its commitment to excellence in a niche that is often overlooked. But why should retailers include high-quality niche products like those from Mystim in their range? Here are three compelling reasons:

Mystim Toys1. Differentiation and customer satisfaction: by including high-quality niche products, retailers can set themselves apart from their competitors and create a unique offering. This not only attracts new customers, but also encourages retention of existing customers who are looking for new and exciting products.

2. Expanding the customer base: By offering a diverse range of products, retailers appeal to different target groups. Niche products like Mystim’s can appeal to customers looking for specific features or experiences not found in mainstream products.

3. Increase sales and optimise margins: High-quality niche products often have a higher selling price and therefore offer the opportunity to improve margins. In addition, they can help increase overall sales volume as they attract customers who are willing to pay for quality and exclusivity.

Mystim prides itself on being a leading supplier of high-quality niche products in the adult industry and looks forward to deepening its collaboration with retailers to enrich their offering and increase success together. ‘I am always happy to provide potential and existing customers with advice, assistance and any other support they may need!’ concludes Patrick Mallaise, Sales Director Mystim, who offers online and on-site training in addition to traditional sales activities.