Masque taste-enhancing oral sex strips now in stock

Planet Earth, UK – Masque oral sex flavour enhancing strips are now in stock and available at Planet Earth, the company has announced. Previewed at this year’s ETO Show, Masque strips dissolve on the tongue and neutralise flavour receptors to salty and bitter tastes, replacing them with a choice of four delicious flavours – making them great for enhancing oral sex.

Exclusive to Planet Earth, Masque strips offer consumers a unique way of improving oral sex by cancelling out the unpleasant taste of sexual fluids, which many say are the primary reason they do not like practising oral sex with their lover. By utilising these strips, consumers have a discreet and natural method of enhancing the flavour that does not require constant reapplication.

Unlike oral gels, Masque is not messy. The delivery method is a dissolvable strip that absorbs into the tongue and leaves no obvious residue. This means the mouth feels normal and there is no obvious barrier. What it also means is that the strip cannot be swallowed, ensuring the flavour stays constant and requires no additional application.

Speaking about the benefits of Masque oral sex strips, Sam Godfrey, Operations Director at Planet Earth, said: “Every countertop display in the country will benefit from the presence of Masque oral sex strips, as who doesn’t like to indulge in oral sex? Whilst for years there has been an imbalance in people preferring receiving rather than giving, Masque oral sex strips will help to bring couples together and share the most intimate sex act in a way that both partners can enjoy.”

Available in four delicious flavours – Chocolate, Mango, Strawberry, Watermelon – Masque strips appeal to a range of tastes and although they have been designed specifically for use on men they can be enjoyed by both men and women.

Masque strips are available in a range of sizes including 1 strip packs and 3 strip packs and a range of POS options are available for stores, including countertop fishbowls. Each strip is individually foil wrapped and can be carried discreetly in a wallet or purse.

One masque oral sex strip lasts for around 15 minutes with some people reporting the flavour stays with them almost twice that amount of time. And, what’s more, the strips are calorie free, ensuring oral indulgence isn’t always a burden on the hips.

For more information on Masque oral sex strips, contact the official distributor Planet Earth on +44(0)1924 333 320 or email