Make it simple – One system for CalExotics and Jopen


06.11.2017 | Ontario, California, USA – Effective November 1, 2017, all purchase orders, invoices, and shipping will be directed to Calexotics. The idea is to make the process simpler for everyone. One purchase order, one invoice, one shipment for both companies.

Please use your existing item numbers. For instance, continue using SE or JO as already established. The only change is that everything should be directed to Calexotics and will come from Calexotics.jopenblacktransparent

In the future, you’ll have one statement which makes the process simple. Once you’ve paid previous invoices billed as Jopen, you’ll no longer receive a Jopen statement, just Calexotics.

In this time of complicated systems, their goal is to make life easier! If you have any questions, please give your sales associate a call, or call Susan Colvin directly!