Lana K. Sales Rep for Electric Eel

23.07.2014 | New York, New York, USA – Lingerie model Lana K joined the Electric Eel sales team a couple of months ago. Though new to the sales team, Lana K. has served as Electric’s lingerie model for the last 10 years.

“I couldn’t ask for a better experience,” Lana said. “I have learned so much about the industry and what goes into producing quality and affordable products. I was taking business classes in college but the experience I have gained from being involved with Electric/Hustler for 10 years and watching the brand grow and seeing the vision that Elan [Rofe], the owner has, has been more valuable than any of my classes could teach.”
Lana K. currently works alongside company sales manager Zachary Goode. The statuesque blonde is an industry trade show staple that’s appeared in numerous catalogs and ads for Hustler and other brands modeling lingerie, sexy apparel, shoes and more.
For wholesale retail customers, Lana K. brings to the table first-hand experience wearing Hustler Lingerie. “I have worn almost every design and every type of material there is in the sexy lingerie business. If you saw my house it looks like a lingerie store. I know which items hold up over time and which don’t. I know what will look good on someone with natural breasts but might not look good on someone with augmented breasts and vice versa. I have worked with models of all sizes over the years. I know what plus size girls look for and I know what petite models look for. If you have a question on lingerie I will have the answer! Depending on the buyer’s demographic I could help point them in the direction of items that I know would do well in their territory.”
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