Joy in a pocket format

02.03.2015 | Hanover, Germany – The Joystick micro-sets were developed for existing and budding fans of smaller-sized thrill-providers. They have been turning users’ heads ever since they were launched. As the name of one set, “Gyro”, indicates, these pleasure-giving toys use slow to fast vibrations.

And what makes these toys so truly special is that they are available as sets. Each micro-set consists of two interchangeable silicone covers and a high-performance electronic bullet vibrator with three intensity levels. The silicone covers contained in the set offer two different surface textures to use, depending on your mood.
The fine wave-shaped contours of the “Gyro” set are a perfect fit for a woman’s intimate zone, while the rugged wavy surface provides direct stimulation. The “Ladylike” collection seduces with its aesthetic design. The seductive lipstick gets discreetly to work, and can be replaced with the floral surface texture of the second cover if desired.
Women can now finally have it all their way. By purchasing the Joystick micro-set, they are equipped for every moment of pleasure, and can even simply keep this “lifestyle symbol” in their handbags. The Gyro micro-set and the Joystick Ladylike are available in a number of colours. To learn more, click on