JOPEN Partners with Harvard University for Sex Week

JOPEN partners with Harvard University for Sex Week.  The company is donating items from the popular Vanity Collection and from the new EGO line.  They will be distributed to attendees of the workshops, seminars, and panel discussions during Sex Week.

Harvard’s Sex Week is coordinated by the Sexual Health and Education and Advocacy throughout Harvard (SHEATH) group.  A recognized student-run organization, the group promotes programming that provides a holistic understanding of sex and sexuality.

Abby Sun, Co-Founder of Sex Week, explains, “There are a wide variety of sex week events relating to love, sex, relationships, dating, sexual health and sexuality.  The JOPEN products will be distributed as we educate attendees on the benefits of sexual wellness.  The Vanity and EGO products are the perfect complement to Harvard Sex Week and we thank JOPEN for their generous support.”

There are 12 events scheduled, including a Basic Sex Ed 101 workshop, a panel discussion about body image and sexuality, a sexual career fair, and a discussion group hosted by Harvard chaplains.

“Vanity and EGO by JOPEN represent a sex-positive attitude,” says Susan Colvin, President and CEO of JOPEN.  “The alignment with Harvard University’s Sex Week is a perfect partnership.  We’re thrilled to support such a worthwhile cause and salute Harvard and SHEATH for raising awareness about sex and sexuality.”

JOPEN is a global luxury pleasure product company that uses only premium materials and top-quality motors.  Form and function are the cornerstones of all JOPEN designs.  Creating elegant, body-safe products that contribute to greater intimate pleasure is JOPEN’s primary mission.

Robin Stewart, Brand Manager for JOPEN, adds, “JOPEN admires SHEATH and all they’ve accomplished with Harvard Sex Week.  Their commitment to educating people about the wonderful world of sexual health, pleasure, and sexuality is commendable and the JOPEN brand is honored to be involved.”

Harvard Sex Week takes place October 21 through 27.  Last semester the event reached over 2000 people and opened up dialogues about sex, sexuality, and sexual health across the Harvard Campus.  For more information visit the Harvard Sex Week’s website.