Jimmyjane teamed up with bestselling author Josh Sabarra


06.12.2017 | Chatsworth, California, USA – Jimmyjane joined bestselling author and Hollywood personality Josh Sabarra to celebrate the launch of his new book Enemies Closer. Prior to the West Hollywood launch of the novel November 2nd, from 7-9 pm, at Tesoro/Fred Segal on Sunset Blvd, Jimmyjane provided some of their award-winning FORM 6 Rechargeable Vibrators, which also appeared in Enemies Closer, as social mjimmyjane newsedia giveaway items.

Sabarra’s new novel, Enemies Closer, is a humorous tale of one women’s experience navigating the glamour and grit that define Hollywood. “With the pitch-perfect eye of a true insider, Josh Sabarra skewers the Hollywood machine” in Enemies Closer, a “deliciously fast-paced, fun – and occasionally heartbreaking – novel.” In the story, we see Sabrarra’s perfectly crafted heroine, fantasize about a Hollywood hot body and, naturally, a Jimmyjane FORM 6, pops into the mix.

The event was part of the international book tour planned to promote the new novel and best selling author. To learn more about the FORM 6 featured in the novel, please visit www.jimmyjane.com.