Jimmyjane partners with ABS for UK Distribution

11.09.2014 | San Francisco, USA – Design-centric brand Jimmyjane has partnered with ABS Holdings for exclusive distribution of their products in the UK region. Jimmyjane has emerged as a leader in the premium pleasure products category following recent mainstream press coverage in the UK. With ABS Holdings’ 35 years experience and proven track record in the market they will further broaden the brand’s awareness and availability to support growing consumer demand.

Jimmyjane has already seen results from their ongoing relationship with ABS. The new deal will strengthen this partnership by making ABS the exclusive wholesaler for all Jimmyjane products in the UK. ABS will now offer the complete assortment of the Jimmyjane’s product line, from their playful massage oil candles to their award-winning vibrators. With new products on the horizon, Jimmyjane is planning for continual success with ABS as they introduce Jimmyjane to new markets.
“ABS Holdings has an emphasis on customer satisfaction and quality products that parallels how we do business at Jimmyjane. We are excited for the future of our partnership and the opportunity to provide wider access to Jimmyjane customers in the UK,” stated Alicia Sinclair, VP of Worldwide Sales and Business Development.
In January this year Men’s Health UK named Jimmyjane as one of their “24 Biggest Trends in Health for 2014.” This month, Women’s Health UK is featuring Jimmyjane’s latest release Form 2 Luxury Edition. The UK press has always taken to the brand. Publications including the Daily Mail, The Sunday Times and GQ UK have all referred to the product line as the “Apple of Sex Toys,” and their products have even been featured on morning segments of iTV. With additional press in the UK set to release this year, ABS and Jimmyjane feel it is an ideal and opportune time for expansion.