Irresistible with Pearl and Onyx

20.10.2015 | Almere, The Netherlands – You can now seduce your consumers with the irresistible new Onyx and Pearl pheromone perfumes by the drugstore brand Cobeco. The exclusive new scents for him and her are now available at Scala Playhouse.

wk42_pb_Cobeco_400x300The Pearl Pheromone is a perfume with a lovely, delicate and sensual scent; infused with pheromones. The Pearl Pheromone is based on a uniquely balanced combination of exclusive ingredients that mimic the attraction of natural pheromones. The sensual scent will caress and tease his subconscious senses; creating an instant attraction.
The Onyx Pheromone is a unique perfume with a masculine, strong and well-balanced scent; infused with pheromones. The Onyx Pheromone is made of carefully selected ingredients that mimic the attraction of natural pheromones. The manly, strong and lingering scent will certainly raise the pulses of any women that pick-up on his alluring fragrance; giving him an irresistible appeal.
Both perfumes come in two sizes: 100ml and 14ml. The 100ml glass bottle has a luxurious look and feel; with beautiful gold or silver detailing. The 14ml packaging is an ideal travel-size design and features a small rolling-ball applicator; allowing your consumers to boost up on their fragrant attraction whenever, wherever they desire. You can learn more at