Introducing “Mr. Envy”

19.02.2015 | Van Nuys, California, USA – Envy Menswear is pleased to announce that the first release of new styles from the award-winning male intimates brand will be accompanied by a “Mr. Envy,” male model Ajdin Sefer.

envyRepresenting the menswear brand with a new face (and body!), Ajdin is featured on the packaging and promotional materials for the new Envy menswear product release.Helle Panzieri, International Sales Director for Envy Menswear, said, “Fans of the brand have been craving new styles of Envy Menswear, and we so pleased to have the opportunity to serve the market with a new release of our quality, sexy male intimates. The image of our new male model is sure to drive sales, and we look forward to having him represent us as our “Mr. Envy.”’ The first release of new Envy Menswear will be available to order from Xgen Products in mid-March. For more information about Envy Menswear, please click on