Huge pjur launch in China

20.11.2014 | Wasserbillig, Luxembourg – The pjur group is forging ahead: After a successful product launch in Singapore, the company is now embarking on distribution in China – one of the world’s most important new markets.

Orange Adult welcomes pjurThe premium lubricant company has made extensive preparations for this launch in recent years: “The Chinese market is unusual in terms of its nature and approaches, and it is unlike any other. That meant that right from the start, it was important to us to find the right partners who were familiar with the mindset and the legal sales and distribution requirements of the market and at the same time would be able to put the philosophy and strategy of our brand into practice there,” explains Alexander Giebel, CEO and founder of the pjur group.
pjur ultimately found just the partner it was looking for in the company GZ Banquet. GZ Banquet is a wholesaler with a wealth of experience and prestige that will market the pjur products on an exclusive basis in China. The company has its own warehouse in Guangzhou, in the south of China, which allows GZ Banquet to deliver merchandise to any retailer in China that wishes to sell pjur products within 24 hours. This enables simple, fast, and above all customer-oriented processes.
Retailers also added pjur products to their assortment: Orange Adult, the biggest erotic shop chain in China not only operates nearly 1000 stores of its own and franchised throughout China, but also runs China’s largest online erotic store, which makes pjur products available to any end customer, regardless of region. The presentation of the pjur portfolio will be complete at all stores by late November, and online sales are already running at full speed.
Appropriate strategies have already been coordinated for the next year in order to raise awareness and spread pjur across all sales and distribution channels in China. “Due to the country’s sheer size and the fact that China has a mindset all its own, Western companies often have a hard time gaining a foothold in China. But now, with these partnerships, we have made great strides and positioned ourselves outstandingly with the three mainstays of retail, wholesale, and e-commerce,” Alexander says. To learn more about pjur, visit