Great new items to stimul8 love life

Scala Playhouse is proud to present the new look and feel of Stimul8 drugstore items. Scala’s own brand offers a complete collection of pure, exciting creams, enhancers and supplements. The new look is less pharmaceutical and more sexy. Missed the new look at the Scala Autumn Fair? Take your chance at the eroFame!

Scala’s experience and knowledge

As part of the listed Beate Uhse group, Scala Playhouse has more than 40 years of experience and knowledge in different fields of the erotic industry. By analysing the drugstore items in its own retail channels Scala was able to create a brand that speaks to the target audience. Scala composed a complete collection based on the best-selling items and offers the products in an attractive package.

Complete collection and great new look

Scala Playhouse chose to create a less pharmaceutical look for the Stimul8 drugstore items. The female pink line, male blue line and unisex yellow line make it easy for customers to select the right item. Scala has made the purchase of the products more fun and more relating to the erotic market. The range consists of various tasting-lubricants, enhancing gels and creams, stimulating love drops, reinforcing supplements, condoms, cleaners, and delightful massage oils…….. They have it all!

Strong presentation

Because of the clean and catchy new look, Stimul8 makes a nice and strong presentation in your shop. The products of the Stimul8 line are perfect as an addition to a purchase, since they match the experience of buying another sexy product like a toy.

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