Global Patent for Love Life Products

25.07.2014 | Surrey, UK – Love Life Products Ltd has announced being awarded its Global Patent for Self-Lubricating Adult Products, also known as LubePlay.

Lube Play is the innovative and clever technology built into all Love Life Products Self Lubricating Brands- Cascade, Twilight and Cruiser. Lube Play Technology enables each product to dispense, via an internal pump, a measured amount of lubricant from pre-filled disposable cartridges.
Untitled-1Managing Director Stephen Gamble says: “We are extremely pleased with our achievements since launching last year, and to now have our patent application accepted helps strengthen our position in the industry as the world’s only supplier of Self Lubricating products”
“We strongly believe demand for our patented technology is still very much in its infancy, especially when considering the wide number of potential applications for LubePlay. Therefore future product development, greater market presence and significant sales growth all seem inevitable.”
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