Getting playful with Scala

26.10.2015 | Almere, The Netherlands – When the days are getting shorter, and the nights are getting longer because winter is coming. Therefore, it is now time for retailers to stock-up on some sexy, naughty games to give consumers the perfect entertainment choices for a winter’s evening.

wk43_pb_games_400x300Scala Playhouse stocks a wide variety of fun games; all ready to order. One can now roll the dice and get into a playful, sexy mood with the Lovers Dice by TOYJOY Basics. These naughty, affordable games at entry-level features one dice that dictates body parts; the other assigns lovers a task. For those who want to keep playing, The Casino Boudoir set by Kheper Games guarantees a sexy evening. The box offers lovers in choice in playing Sexy Slots, Roulette Sex and BJ Blackjack.
A brand at Scala Playhouse which completely specializes in creating playful, erotic games is Tease & Please. Their Truth or Dare Erotic Party Edition game is a good way to get to know one’s fellow players a whole lot better. This card-game challenges your truthfulness about the most revealing, sexy subjects. For couples, the Kinky Hart is a fun way to discover each other’s kinky preferences and challenge one’s lover to go one step further.