Gentleman’s essentials from HOT

10.06.2015 | Almere, the Netherlands – Add some must-have gentleman’s essentials to your store’s assortment with the new XXL range by quality drugstore brand HOT. The ready to order collection offers a great selection of products that allows him to maximize his assets and enjoy longer, harder, smoother erections.

The new XXL Cream wk24_pb_HOT_400x300 contains an extract of ginkgo and other circulation-promoting ingredients. When applied this cream has a unique effect, nurturing his manhood and allowing him to get extra hard. The XXL Spray is a high-quality skin conditioning power spray. It includes ingredients such as ginsengs and Aloe Vera, which keep his skin subtle and smooth even when his penis is erect and throbbing. The XXL Drops and the XXL Caps are dietary supplements with aphrodisiac extracts and essences such as l-arginine, vitamin C, taurine and zinc; which give the penis a healthy boost! The drops and caps are especially effective when combined with the XXL Spray and Cream.
The entire range of XXL by HOT is available online at