Foreplay with Tease&Please

06.11.2015 | Almere, The Netherlands – The 100 inspiring challenges in Tease & Please’s hearts are to ensure a sensual foreplay and the game is now available at Scala Playhouse.

This exciting game is available in two versions with several languages: Dutch/French and German/Italian. The Tease & Please games are now ready to order at Scala Playhouse. Wende den Braver from Moodzz, the distributing company of Tease&Please, explains: “There’s a reason for foreplay getting increasingly more attention before the ‘real deal’ starts.”
wk45_pb_moodzz_400x300There is also a relaxing aspect to it: “A thrilling foreplay not only sets the right mood, but also makes you relax. Your mind changes from the daily grind to the full attention for each other and each other’s body. Research has proven that the chance of more satisfying sex is highly increased by and extended foreplay. The experience of pleasure enlarges and the next lovemaking session will get even more intimate and intense.”
The rules are simple; the white papers contain his assignments, the pink papers contain hers. The yellow papers are assignments that need a little more preparation. Everybody can be a winner in this game. Customers can now order the Dutch/French version ‘Hart Vol Voorspel/Corps à Coeur Préludes érotiques’ or the German/Italian version ‘Herz Voll Vorspiel/Il Cuore dei Preliminari’ at Scala Playhouse.