Extra inches for extra profit

08.04.2015 | Almere, The Netherlands – The Jes-Extender and MaleEdge penile extenders by DanaMedic don’t just offer end-users the chance to maximize their size: they also give you – the retailer – the chance to maximize your earnings.

wk15_MaleEdge-logo_400x300DanaMedic explains: “Retailers who stock Jes-Extender and MaleEdge can expect to see an average profit of a 110 euros on each product sale. For example: the basic models of penile extenders create a profit of approximately 70 euros, which go up to a profit of a 160 euros on the most luxurious designs.” To summarize: the sale of a single Jes-Extender or MaleEdge item can generate just as much profit as the sale of multiple regular products.
To really maximize your profit, you must also maximize the potential of in-store presentation concludes DanaMedic. “The use of our in-store presentation options such as special product displays, instruction videos and informative Q&A brochures, have proven to boost the sales of Jes-Extender and MaleEdge by 300 to 400 percent”, the brand states.You can discover the MaleEdge and Jes-Extender products at Scala Playhouse and give your store a profitable boost into the spring/summer season. You can also view and order the available DanaMedic assortment online at www.scalaplayhouse.com.