Eropartner Top 5 videos hit 1.5 million views

26.02.2015 | Zwaagdijk, the Netherlands – Eropartner, one of Europe’s leading and award winning distribution companies has revealed the top 5 most viewed videos on its YouTube channel –

In the coveted number 1 slot, is the TENGA eggs commercial followed by the Male Edge instructional video in the number 2 position. In number 3, it’s the Ohmibod Naughtibod commercial and the Durex Play Lubricants commercial comes in at number 4. Last but not least, at number 5 it’s the Big Tease Toys VerSpanken commercial.
Informative, eropartner_youtube_top5education and entertaining it is no surprise that collectively the Eropartner Top 5 YouTube videos have had a massive 1.5 million views to date.
Eropartner launched its YouTube channel in 2005. Inspired to provide an avenue where companies could communicate their brand message and information about their products in a way in which the manufacturer wanted. Eropartner knew this would serve as an additional sales and marketing tool that would help the manufacturer and the retailer to showcase and explain the product and for the end consumer in understanding it.
The channel currently features 520 videos and has over 700 channel subscribers. To date, the Eropartner YouTube channel has received in excess of 3.7 million views.
This service is available to all the brands Eropartner represents and it is free to submit video content. All videos featured are made available to Eropartner customers, who are encouraged to share and to utilise the videos to help sell product.
Elcke Wieffering, buyer at Eropartner, says: “The videos can be used for in-store screens, staff training and online sales. Our channel is updated every week and the numbers show product videos are important, whether it’s instructional or commercial. All product videos are shown on our distribution website as well, this combined with the product descriptions and pictures our customers are being informed in the best way possible. It’s another great tool for us to support the brands we carry.” For further information on Eropartner, please visit the official website: