Electro sex with Pubic Enemy

19.06.2015 | Almere, The Netherlands – The Pubic Enemy No 2 cock cage by Mystim is new at Scala Playhouse:. This sleek, transparent case comes with a teasing electrostimulation function, adding a spark to BDSM play.

wk24_pb_mystim_Pubic-Enemy_400x300The Pubic Enemy No 2 features a urethral sound and three conducting surfaces: left, right and underneath the penis shaft.. The design is a must-have novelty for any mistress or master; it comes with a firm lock and key allowing them to take full control. The transparent cock cage can be individually adjusted in 4 lengths and the diameter in 6 steps, to enable a custom-fit.
The urethral sound and conductive surfaces can also be removed (and later re-inserted) to allow usage of the cage without electrostimulation. The Pubic Enemy No 2 comes with an elegant storage case, a detailed instruction manual and an engraved metal lock. A quirky detail: a mistress or mister can insert a personalized name plate into the holder of the cage with the text “hands off, this prisoner belongs to … “ The Pubic Enemy No 2 cock cage by Mystim is now available via www.scalaplayhouse.com.