Electrifyingly good fun with Mystim’s Tension Lover set at SCALA

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01.02.2018 | Wijchen, The Netherlands – Add a spark to your love life with the sensational Tension Lover set by Mystim. This high-end electrostimulation kit will indulge your hot spots with electrifyingly good pleasure. Discover all its innovative features and functions at SCALA online now!

The Mystim Tension Lover set allows lovers to explore endless scenarios of electro-stimulation play. From a soft, teasing prickle to powerful pulsing: this set will electrify your senses in the most pleasurable way imaginable.
So, what does this all-in-one kit include? Well, more than you could have wished for! The Tension Lover set comes with a digital stimulation current device with two individually adjustable channels and seven different programs, allowing for versatile play options. The device also has a timer and adjustable pulse width, intensity and pulse rate settings – which can be pre-set and locked for your next session of play. Also included in the set are four self-adhesive electrodes with two self-adhesive wires: inviting you to place the electro-stimulation pleasure right where you want it. The kit is completed by a 9V battery, an instruction manual in English, German, Spanish, Dutch and French, plus comes packaged in a solid plastic suit-case; perfect for secure storage before and after use.

If your consumers are curious about the possibilities of electro-stimulation, this kit introduces them to the many tantalizing options in a controlled, safe and non-intimidating way. Order yours at SCALA today via www.scala-nl.com and electrify your sales figures with this must-have Mystim release!