ElectricDistro offers Lux Fetish Full Line

05.02.2015 | New York, New York, USA – ElectricDistro.com is currently fully stocked with Lux Fetish just in time for the upcoming Valentine’s Day premiere of “Fifty Shades of Grey.” The Lux Fetish collection of BDSM essentials consists of bestselling designs, all made under stringent quality control to ensure the longest lasting products and the best workmanship for the consumer at retail.

Lux Fetish offers something for everybody, catering to beginners and couples alike. The stylish products in the line are of the highest quality, easy to clean, reusable, and are made to resist wear and tear, a characteristic that is of utmost importance for couples that are experimenting with soft bondage and fetish items.
While several rubber-tickler-whip-LF1382-1. brands on the marketplace today put the most focus on marketing and product packaging, Lux Fetish does not sacrifice quality for publicity. Poor quality is the No. 1 reason for declining sales and will drive customers away from your store. Carrying the bestselling items from the Lux Fetish collection is a way to ensure that your customer is getting the best quality and value on all of the basic, core essentials for soft BDSM items in the marketplace.
Lux Fetish features a broad selection of soft BDSM essential gear. Check out these hot sellers that are part of the line:
Bondage Buddy: The Lux Fetish Bondage Buddy is the ultimate positioning item. Get your lover in thrilling new positions that make hitting all the right spots incredibly easy.
Adjustable Nipple Clips: Have fun with the sensitivity of your nipples with these adjustable Nipple Clamps by Lux Fetish. This simple, easy to use clamps are perfect for BDSM beginners.
5PC Hogtie Set: The Lux Fetish 5-Piece Hogtie Set is a BDSM couples’ dream! Take full control of your partner while they’re secured in positions that you never thought possible.
Rubber Tickler Whip: The Lux Fetish Rubber Tickler is a must-have for any fetish enthusiast. Expand your sensual horizons with this essential toy.
For more information, visit www.ElectricDistro.com.