ElectraStim AXIS available at Dusedo


12.02.2019 | Amsterdam, Netherlands – One-stop distributor Dusedo includes AXIS by ElectraStim into its huge assortment!

AXIS is a high-spec dual output electro sex stimulator and is the first in the world to incorporate multiple input sensors for a truly customisable e-stim experience. The device is controllable with the tactile buttons, a flick of the wrist, a wave of the hand, the sound of one’s voice or even the proximity of a partner’s body. It gives customers the freedom to control their electro play their way. The only limit is the imagination! 138019-6

With 50 intensity levels per output, AXIS gives users the power to team it with the smallest or largest electro-sex accessories. Consumers can use 2 bipolar or 4 unipolar accessories (sold separately) for a wide range of pleasurable sensations no matter the gender, pleasure preferences or whether one is playing solo or with a partner.

This, and many more products will be presented by Dusedo at the UK’s ETO Show on March 10th and 11th. Everyone is welcome to visit their booth at D11 to take a peek at some brand new products, never seen before and off course new products from Dusedo’s well-known and respected brands.138019-3