Dusedo: Fashion meets fetish with CellBlock 13

17.07.2014 | Los Angeles, USA – CellBlock 13, the Los Angeles based Fashion & Fetish Company, has unveiled its new release, the G-Force Collection by CellBlock 13. The new collection comes in 3 styles, the jockstrap, short and singlet. Each style features a removable plastic athletic cup and can be worn with or without the cup.

CellBlock 13’s chief creative director Timoteo Ocampo designed the G-Force Collection. The jockstrap is made out of a black stretch sports mesh surrounded by a contrast color binding. The short and singlets are made with high-density nylon spandex and stretch sports mesh in each of the color ways. This collection is must have gear and is being launched in time for people to buy and take to IML (International Mr. Leather). The first phase of production is at a near sell through with pre-orders.
“Gear is the most important thing to people who attend fetish events with the kick off of the season at IML (International Mr. Leather) leading into Folsom, Dore Alley, La Leather Week, Folsom Berlin, Fetish Week in London, Claw and all the leather pride events throughout the year although the way through to MAL (Mid Atlantic Leather) in January,” said Timoteo Ocampo, Chief Creative Director and Co-Owner of Cellblock 13. “Our clients take these events very seriously and they want gear designed for them that take into account the heritage of all things leather and fetish. Gear Nights are a popular events at clubs all across the world and we are at the center of some of those events.”
“What’s even more exciting about this launch is the collection is coming out at the same time we are launching advertising content to help support the release,” continues Ocampo. “We have shot photography with both lifestyle images and product shots and created video content to get people excited about G-Force.”
The demand for the G-Force Collection is so great; the line has already begun shipping to retailers in the Europe through Dusedo-M.O.I. Distribution, Mexico, New Zealand, Australia, Japan as well as the USA and Canada.
Ocampo is co-owner of CellBlock 13 as well as the fashion brand bearing his name, Timoteo. Both brands are sold in every major market in the USA and online. Dusedo Distribution handles all European distribution and an in house sales team handles Australia, Mexico, Panama, Japan, Singapore, Canada and South Africa.