Dispute with Standard Innovation continues while new Ida and Tara are launched

Stockholm/ San Jose – LELO has learned that Standard Innovation’s CEO Danny Osadca has been sending threatening letters to retailers and distributors worldwide responding to LELO’s introduction of the new Ida™. LELO claims that these threats are born out of SIC’s concerns regarding the limited improvements it will provide with its new We-Vibe 4 couples’ massager rumored to be released in mid-November, as compared with the revolutionary new Ida™ which is shipped since September 18th.

LELO is pleased to confirm that it has all relevant certifications to launch their ground-breaking new couples’ massagers Ida™ and Tara™ in the U.S. and worldwide, with the company promising the biggest global holiday promotion campaign and retailer support in their 10-Year History.

LELO and Standard Innovation have been involved in a series of legal disputes, recently resulting in an ITC decision to prohibit LELO’s Tiani™ 2 product from being imported into the U.S. The ITC also ruled however that LELO’s PicoBong Mahana couples’ massager did not infringe SIC’s patent due to its round shape. Accordingly, the ITC ruled that these couples’ massagers were deemed outside of the scope of the ITC order and exempt from Standard Innovation’s patent.

The new LELO products Ida™ and Tara™ are the world’s first couples’ massagers to combine vibration with rotations within, something that is entirely unique in the industry at this time. LELO has also described them as exactly what the industry has been waiting for, and is reporting record orders already due to the new dimension in pleasure they offer.

US Sales and Marketing Director, Donna Faro said,“The couples’ massager has been on the market since before LELO even began 10 years ago, but only in 2009 did our design team really focus on making this category better. With increasing demand and limited options, the product offering was in need of a genuine shake-up. The new sensations offered by Ida™ and Tara™ for both partners, not just the woman, ensure it’s going to be an exciting build-up to Christmas!”

LELO wishes to remind distributors and retailers that despite the misinformation that SIC is spreading to the contrary, the ITC decision is related to a previous case regarding the Tiani™ 2, Tiani and Noa couples’ massagers for the U.S. market alone. LELO fully respects the ITC decision and is abiding fully while launching its appeal in the U.S.. However, LELO continues to defend its right to offer genuine innovation to customers with a completely new product design that calls couples everywhere to: Put a Whole New Spin on Making Love.

“That’s a much nicer point to focus on. Let the customers decide, and then everyone can get on with offering the best possible experiences to these customers,” Donna Faro added.

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