Delmenhorst, Germany – The new German issue of Sign Magazine for January can now be viewed online.


A new year always starts with a lot of fresh ideas and energy – this also counts for the members of the adult industry. So there is already a lot to report in such an “industry that never sleeps”. The lingerie manufacturer Coquette is taking a successful start with its new Darque fetish collection, both in Germany as internationally. In general, they will keep concentrating on elegant and classic designs which can last longer that just one fashion season but are received well by consumers for a long time period. Markus Mader from Coquette told us more.

Tradition is also a big principle at Inverma, which is not a wonder because the German company is about to celebrate its 65th anniversary. For decades, Inverma has been building its growth on success on quality products like the lubricant Come in, the penis care cream Largo and the Fernand Péril collection, a range of pheromone perfumes. One should also take a look at their new company website. In the Netherlands, Shots is facing a great challenge, which is, according to founder Oscar Heijnen, to outmatch “a record year of 2015”.

You can further learn in this issue what you can discover in the Dream Toys line produced by Tonga, why Xgen Products from the USA considers simplicity in lingerie and toys to be a main factor for success and which niches Pipedream Products is going to cater for by developing new products this year. In our Star Talk, we talked to the British performer and director Angel Long and in our Personality Talk, Sara Peixinho from Import Kareva revealed how the distribution of erotic products can shape and open up mentalities.

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Sign Germany January