Dana DiValli – Ovo’s visible new face

01.07.2014 | Hightstown, New Jersey, USA – Rumors about the future of novelties producer Ovo are to be safely deleted. With the new Global Director Dana DiValli, the company has overcome a hard time and is now come back to business, in all aspects. Now the boss is visible for everybody and she is happy to be there and to take care of the company and its customers.

Recently there was unrest and uncertainty about the future of Ovo, but this is now to be safely deleted. Ovo is back and now literally has a face with the new global account manager Dana DiValli. “We have completely re-organized ourselves and now Ovo is back! With me as the new front woman who is visible and accessible to all. I look forward to many new contacts and new ideas,” Dana says.
The former Ovo representative for Canada and the US has now become the new Global Director. She managed the takeover while trying to keep the daily business running as well. “This wasn’t a normal takeover “, she explains “we tried to keep all functions of our business running and tried to satisfy all our customer’s needs, while simultaneously completely re-organizing our structure.”
DiValli is going to represent the “new” Ovo on upcoming trade shows like the ANME. In Los Angeles Ovo will show their latest products for the first time.