Creative Conceptions has the Edge from Sportsheets


07.03.2018 | Newark, Nottinghamshire, UK – Sportsheets have certainly got the edge, once again delivering a game-changer with the new revitalised Edge bondage range. Made from the highest quality luxury cowhide leather and nickel-free metal, and with unique user-focused designs, these new bondage toys are sure to become staples in any bondage-fanatic’s collection.

Keen to help their customers leverage the ‘Bondage hype’ following the release of the Fifty Shades finale, Creative Conceptions are excited to be stocking all of the new restraint products. With a focus on bondage and versatile pieces including Hand Grip Wrist Cuffs, Posture Collars, Seamless O-Ring Gags and O-Rings, they are sure to grasp vast appeal:

Edge Hand Grip Wrist Cuffs – The luxury, cowhide leather cuffs with strong and stable metal handles provide the ultimate comfort and security for those ready to surrender control. Grips allow for tense pulling or suspension play and heavy-duty clips provide a solid latch to other bondage gear o0015973_edge-soft-leather-posture-collar_470r supports. Nickle free, hypoallergenic and body safe!

Edge Soft Leather Posture Collar – Dictate posture obedience whilst enjoying the highest level of comfort with the luxury cowhide leather collar. Shaped to perfection and featuring a simplistic design with solid metal D-ring facing the front for easy attachment or use with other gear. A durable lockable buckle fitting necks from 14.25” to 18”.

Edge Seamless O-Ring Gag – Commit to some serious submissive and dominant play with the new Seamless O-Ring Gag. With the ability to change the O-Rings to larger rings, there’s many different ways to play. The 1.5” ring is detachable for configuration, the luxury cowhide leather is durable yet soft and the lockable buckle closure comes with a 24” leather strap.

Seamless O-Rings for all sizes – Seamless luxury metal O-Rings mean users can rest assured there will be no snagging or chaffing. Instead these revolutionary nickel-free O-Rings offer weight, comfort, a smooth finish and temperature-sensitive stimulation. Available in 1.5” / 1.75” / 2.0”. Available now from