Creative Conceptions go ‘on the pull’ with Vulcan Strokers


25.01.2018 | Newark, Nottinghamshire, UK – Solo nights in have just got a whole lot better as Creative Conceptions join forces with sex toy visionaries, Topco to offer their Cyberskin masturbators to the UK market. Using cutting edge, self-lubricating technology, Vulcan have released their latest edition to the collection – the Vulcan Shower Stroker! Vulcan strokers have made a big ‘splash’ in the US, picking up the XBIZ ‘Sex Toy of the Year 2018’ award and so CC are expecting big things in the UK.

Unlike the fictional extraterrestrial humanoid species in the Star Trek of the same name, Vulcans are modled from genuine body parts and formulated with Cyberskin virtual touch technology to feel like human skin delivering lifelike sensations that feel very much like the real-thing! Known for producing realistic erotic experiences for adults worldwide, whether imitating oral, vaginal or anal sex, the reusable handheld strokers simulate the feeling of sex with snug sleeves that flex with the user’s grip.

The elasticity and grip and pull of the handheld tunnel coaxes users to a satisfying release, making it an effective stamina training tool, helping users to develop technique and staying power through use and practice. CyberSkin also has memory, and is very flexible so it can recover to its original shape.

They are available in three authentic shapes – Deep Throat, Realistic Pussy, Realistic Ass – to indulge every fantasy. The lightweight, waterproof and squeezable design makes it a versatile toy that is portable and perfect for handjobs anywhere, anytime. A variety of tightness and textured interiVulcan Shower Stroker Realistic Pussyors including ripe, tight, wet, vibrating, deep-throat are also on hand to mimic a realistic experience.

The CyberSkin sleeve is removeable for fast and easy cleaning and completely body safe, non-allergenic, and phthalate free.

Encased in plastic with colorful shrink-wrap labels that highlight each SKUs texture and design, they can stand on a shelf or hang from hooks for in-store displays. They need to be felt to appreciate how realistic they really are so it is recommended that stores keep one on hand together with some water to demonstrate just how amazingly well lubricated they become.

Topco Sales CEO, Autumn O’Bryan said: “This partnership marks the first time Creative Conceptions and Topco Sales have worked together and we are so excited to be working with Jane, Richie and their team to introduce top-selling products, like CyberSkin Vulcan strokers, to their UK customers. I can’t think of a better way to start the New Year!”