Corrin Brubaker – Sportsheets’ new International Sales Manager

24.04.2015 | Huntington Beach, California – Sportsheets International, announced the addition of Corrin Brubaker as International Sales Manager to the growing Sportsheets team. Brubaker, who comes from a mainstream sales background will be tasked to help grow the Sportsheets brand to new heights both in the US as well as all territories around the world.

“Bondage is moreCorrin Brubaker global than it has ever been,” claimed Sportsheets President Julie Stewart. “With the 50 Shades phenomenon we saw huge boosts of sales within the US. But bondage for years has been one of the leading lifestyles all over Europe and around the world, so expanding our reach is extremely important. Corrin has extensive experience in both brand building as well as building sales and new relationships, and with her knowledge of mainstream business, we think that she will be a valuable asset to the Sportsheets team.”
Brubaker has been selling for as long as she remembers from her time as a kid selling Girl Scout cookies to selling Water Filtration Equipment. She also has a huge depth of knowledge when it comes to growing businesses, having served as the Sales Manager for the world’s first national wedding photography startup company, Bella Pictures. She also has a vast knowledge in retail having run the chain of stores for women’s lingerie called Cacique.
“I am so excited to start working with Sportsheets,” said Brubaker. “I have been in the office learning the ropes and getting educated on the vast catalog of products they offer and every day gets more exciting. Everyone here is so nice and treats each other like family. My perception of what it would be like to work in the Adult Novelty business was shattered within my first hour at Sportsheets Headquarters. I’m thrilled that I get to use my experience training sales teams to reach their goals and build lasting relationships with their customers at such an innovative company that has a strong reputation for quality products and customer service. When I heard that the Company motto was ‘Keeping Couples Connected’, I knew I was in the right place.”