Cobeco goes Asia

18.09.2014 | Berkel and Rodenrijs, The Netherlands – For quite some time now, Cobeco is positioning the Cobeco brand strategically at the Asian market. The expansion of Cobeco Pharma at the Asian Pacific market has led to the establishment of an office in Hong Kong.

To establish and monitor a successful launch of Cobeco Asia, they opened a local office in Hong Kong named “Cobeco Asia Limited” with the management under their own supervision. The new office is located in Hong Kong, because this is one of Asia’s leading trading towns. The Cobeco Asia team consists of four sales persons, two marketing/IT/social media specialists and two employees who are providing facilitation services. There are also three employees with a pharmaceutical degree working in this team; considering the complex regulations for the import and export of food supplements mainly, their knowledge is considered of great value.
“We position the Cobeco brand primarily in the higher segment with more prominent selling locations. Cobeco has already several distribution channels that suit their company’s philosophy and strategy for the Asian market. Therefore we developed a shop-in-shop formula making the Cobeco products available in nine high-end locations in China (mainland),” Sharon van Gelderen, Marketing and Communication, said. Besides these prominent selling locations, there are also currently around 60 shops to promote the brand Cobeco. “Through an effective marketing campaign, we are working on a strong and reliable brand for our Asian clients!”
Furthermore, Cobeco has decided to open a flagship store to boost Cobeco Asia as a trustworthy brand. The building of this promising project has already started. This new flagship store will be situated in a department store of a large retail chain; a prominent strategic location in Macau. The flagship store will display the complete Cobeco Asia assortment. Mid 2015 the flagship store will be opened. More information can be requested from Sharon van Gelderen at the following email address or visit the Cobeco Pharma website