CLS Healthcare – Experience the Dutch spirit!


29.03.2018 | Den Haag, The Netherlands – Traditionally, The Netherlands are known for values like tolerance, openness, individuality and mutual respect:

The Dutch spirit. For CLS Healthcare, the Dutch spirit is at the core of the business philosophy. Celebrating sexuality and sharing intimate experiences with others – while at the same time granting everybody room for individuality.
Pleasurelab – They want to make things that people do not yet know they want to have – simply because they do not exist yet. Pleasurelab. Designed for bliss.

Safe – It is already known for eight years as the brand with a great diversity of top quality condoms, at an attractive price.

Explicit Blue – With ingredients that have been scientifically proven and contribute to good health in general, and have a beneficial effect on sex-drive and the quality of an erection in particular.

Willie toys – The favourite toys of a younger target group for an attractive price, that unique combination can be found at Willie toys!

Join CLS Healthcare at the Shanghai ADC Expo 2018, May 16th – 20th, at booth A08! Familiarize yourself with the Dutch spirit and be inspired with their wide range of products and tailor-made possibilities! For more information, please visit