Channel your inner erotic Unicorn


03.08.2018 | Huntington Beach, California, USA – Channel your inner erotic unicorn with the Rainbow Pony Tail Anal Plug from Frisky, a premium silicone anal plug adorned with a bright, colorful tail that moves as you lo AF641_Packaging_003do! This adorable ponytail features 20 inches of synthetic fibers that curl, braid, and style any way you like and transform you into the sexy technicolor steed you’ve always wanted to be!

The Rainbow Pony Tail Anal Plug by Frisky features a 24.25-inch tail and a 3.5-inch spade-shaped plug – perfectly sized for all experience levels, beginners included! Perfect for first-time exploration or full-blown pony play, the Rainbow Pony Tail Anal Plug is bright, alluring, and the perfect sexy accessory for your next roll in the hay.

“Tailz is the go-to source for all your animal tail needs; from a fluffy bunny poof to a gray wolf tail with matching ears, Tailz has the anal plug for you!” company representative Rebecca Weinberg said. “Choose from our vibrant rainbow unicorn-colored anal plug or some of our newest colorful tails – hot pink, baby pink, and lavender – and show off your sexy self!”

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