CB-X Sponsored World Record Attempt Completed

13.02.2015 | Las Vegas, Nevada, USA – In November 2014, world renown male chastity device manufacturer CB-X Male Chastity sponsored Alastair Galpin’s 100th World Record Attempt: “Furthest Surface Journey in a Male Chastity Device.” The prolific world record breaker was able to reach his goal on a journey that took him 5,000 miles spread out over 37 days.

“Wearing the CB-X device made me feel like a traveler with an important purpose,” says Galpin. “Indeed my journey became just that, because Indonesian media began publishing my aim as showing that a foreign white man can visit this nation and enjoy himself without engaging in sex tourism. As media spread this message, I proceeded with confidence because I was helping make a statement of importance.”
During his journey,sponsorlogo Galpin wore CB-X’s popular CB-3000 male chastity device, which he has now made available on eBay along with several other mementos from his trip. The world record breaker faced many challenges during his adventure including budget restraints, language barriers and wanting to give up at times.
“I can speak little more than a smattering of Bahasa (Indonesia’s national language) and misunderstandings were a predictable feature of every day,” he explains. “As you can imagine, repeat thoughts of wanting to rip off the chastity device crossed my mind, especially as I approached day 37. But, by applying mental determination, I overrode this thought each time it arose because I knew that giving up would herald me as less than the man I truly am.”
Nikki Yates, Corporate Director of CB-X Male Chastity stated that she and everyone at CB-X are pleased he was able to complete his journey and 100th world record attempt.
“Our devices are made with the long term wearer in mind and are the best male chastity devices on the market to wear when traveling,” she says. “From the looks of the photos and videos we’ve seen, it looks like it was quite an adventure. We are delighted that Mr Galpin picked our CB-3000 as his device of choice for his 100th world record attempt. If there was ever going to be a male chastity belt for this sort of adventure, it’s a CB-X device!”
To learn more about A.L. Enterprises, the manufacturers of CB-X Male Chastity devices visit: www.cb-x.com.

record cage
The actual device worn by Mr Galpin during his journey after it was removed.
Now available as a collector’s item on eBay.