CB-X seeks feedback for next release

30.10.2015 | Las Vegas, Nevada, USA – CB-X Male Chastity is inviting its customers to share their feedback on upcoming releases in the New Year and beyond.

The manufacturer has been among the leaders in the male chastity market for over a decade, not only because of its reputation for high-quality products, but because CB-X is known for giving customers what they need. With that in mind, the manufacturer has released a poll via SurveyMonkey, giving customers a chance to voice their opinions about what they’d like to see next.
“It has always been important to us to listen to our customers,” explains Nikki Yates, Corporate Director of A.L. Enterprises, the manufacturers of the CB-X Male Chastity brand. “That includes everyone from distributors and retailers, to the end user, and our friends on social media. This is a chance for anyone involved in the male chastity market or lifestyle to voice their opinion and help shape the future of CB-X.”The survey consists of three brief questions that include topics such as what product people would like to see next, making use of the manufacturer’s instructional videos, and the types of marketing and point-of-sale materials customers could benefit from the most.
“After releasing our new CB-6000 Gold edition chastity device in July, we have already been receiving feedback from a few customers as to what they would like to see next,” continues Yates. “So we decided to open up the forum to everyone who would like to weigh in on these topics. We know how valuable everyone’s time is, and would like to thank anyone in advance who takes a few minutes to share their opinions.”