CB-X Male Chastity joins Mister B at Scala Fair

04.03.2014 | Las Vegas, Nevada, USA – CB-X is looking forward to further expanding it’s international exposure at the upcoming “Open Days” Fair, held at Scala Playhouse’s showroom in Almere on March 9 & 10th. The manufacturer’s product range will be showcased by Mister B, a distributor of specialty goods & fetish gear in the Netherlands.



“Mister B is highly regarded for their unique lineup of products, and CB-X is proud to featured in its collection,” CB-X Corporate Director Nikki Yates says. “Attendees of Mister B’s ‘Open Days’ will be treated to an exploration of our most popular male chastity devices and accessories.”


CB-X’s most recent releases include designer editions of its CB-6000S and the popular Points of Intrigue accessory. Points of Intrigue introduces men to a whole new level of chastity sensory play, with three different lengths including: 1/8″, 3/16″, and 5/16″. A shorter Points of Intrigue can serve as a reward for the wearer, while the longer points offer the added element of discipline.


CB-X’s Designer Collection features an exceptional, durable overlay on lightweight polycarbonate material finished in Chrome, Camouflage, and Wood. Expertly crafted, each piece in the Designer Collection is uniquely designed so that no two finishes are identical. The company offers the award-winning Designer Collection in the original CB-6000 length as well as new shorter CB-6000S sizes, which measure 2 & a half inches.


Made of body-safe, hypoallergenic polycarbonate, all CB-X male chastity devices are made to fit comfortable and promote hygiene. Each devices features strategically placed openings, a selection of ring sizes, and spacers ensuring each man gets a proper fit for long-term wear.


“We’re thrilled to be represented at the Scala Fair,” Yates says. “The Fair’s theme is discovery of the senses, somethings we at CB-X love to promote the exploration of. We invite attendees to stop by the Mister B booth to check out the latest releases from CB-X.”


Scala’s Alamere showroom is located at: Rondebeltweg 2, 1329 BA Almere, Netherlands. The fair will begin at 9 a.m. and last until 6 p.m. both days.


To learn more about CB-X Male Chastity devices visit www.cb-x.com