Burning Wheels from Keepburning

An innovative design of mechanical and industrial inspiration. Made of quasi-medical silicone, hypoallergenic, 100% safe and guaranteed without phthalates, thus conforming to the strictest European standards.

An amazing sensual material that quickly comes in harmony with body heat and which, moreover, is easily washable. Decorative gadgets? Naughty and fun accessories? Classic cock rings just a little revamped?

Our “wheels”, “tires” and other “plugs” of a new category are different in many ways from other penis rings that are available on the market and which are most commonly made of soft and rubbery materials, including potentially toxic PVC.  As their name implies, the sole purpose of Burning Wheels is mainly functional. To boost your pleasure, make it the fieriest possible. Even burning.

It is the firmness of the Burning Wheels that makes all the difference. While often put forward elsewhere, because it is reassuring when you only have a limited knowledge about the principle of the penis ring, the elasticity is not paramount. It is neither a headband nor small buoys to learn to swim.

Placed around the base of the penis, a Burning Wheel immediately slows down the blood flow, thereby maintaining a firmer, stronger and longer erection, while significantly enlarging the size of the penis. You get a great feeling of enlargement around your penis, not without tension, caused solely by wearing this ring.  In addition to improving erections, orgasms are furthermore deferred. Suffice to say that your pleasure and that of your partner are ardently increased. This, in all safety, thanks to the sanitary quality of the material and to the thoroughly studied shapes of our models that are created by designers.

“Burning Wheels” currently exists in 12 different styles, available in 3 colors and 2 sizes (25mm and 30mm). Models of 45 and 50 mm are in the making for the sturdiest within the community.