Bgood for the summer

10.07.2015 | Los Angeles, California, USA – The Boutique brand B Swish wants to bring the California sun to your customer’s bedroom this summer with the Bgood Deluxe personal massager.

group_bgood_deluxeThe Bgood Deluxe is a modern rendition on the tradition vibe we all know and love. Customers could fall head-over-heels with its sleek and familiar design highlighted with modern touches such as body-safe silicone, six powerful functions, waterproof construction and convenient AAA battery operation. There’s no surprise then the Bgood Deluxe is one of B Swish’s most popular items.
Barney, B Swish’s in-house educator explains, “From first-time solo users to experienced couples, the Bgood Deluxe is a staple in many customer’s drawers, and with good reason. B Swish prides itself on offering high-quality, body-safe massagers at obtainable prices, and the Bgood Deluxe is a prime example of this philosophy.”
As a member of B Swish’s Deluxe Line of personal massagers, the Bgood Deluxe arrives in sleek packaging and is available in three vibrant colors, including Hot Pink, Tangerine and Blue. A velvety pouch is also included, practical for storing and travel.