Best monthly turnover for Shots ever

11.11.2014 | Beneden-Leeuwen, the Netherlands – With great pride and grateful to all clients and suppliers, it can be announced that Shots Media has scored its best monthly turnover since its start. The month of October has shown a 191 percent growth, compared to last year.

Oscar Heijnen, owner of Shots Media, has a “simple” explanation for these encouraging figures. First of all there is of course the rise in sales of the new releases. Then there are new worldwide distribution deals that have recently been signed. Also the introduction of new third-party brands (for instance Tenga) has contributed to the figures. The unbridled energy of the account managers visiting the customers with an ever-expanding catalogue of sublime products is also an important factor in this success story.
With a great team spirit Press-Release-Company-Growthbetween experienced and young and upcoming staff members in all divisions of the company, an excellent basis has been founded. Also the ever-improving website, recognized as one of the better ones in the branch, needs a mention. And last, but not by any means least, the improved logistics and expansion of the warehouse staff have made this explosive growth possible.
And that’s not all
There are high expectations for the end of 2014 since record breaking pre-orders have been received for the five new brands that were introduced at the eroFame: RealRock, Boom, Loveline, Bad Romance and Shots Liquids.
With 2015 just around the corner there is an expectancy to expand the market-share even further with the introduction of these five new brands and with another four new ones to be introduced soon. The expansion if the company will be supported by the construction or a new building next year and the introduction of the new in-store marketing plans should be the icing on the cake. More and more renowned brands are turning to Shots Media for their distribution and they are welcomed with open arms.
In these times of “doom and gloom” Shots Media would like to bring some positive news to the world, be very proud and count their blessings.
For all this Oscar and his team would like to thank the clients and suppliers from the bottom of their hearts and they hope to continue the relationships that have been built up and for the trust that people have shown in Shots Media over the years.