Bathmate/Hydromax first year US sales exceed all expectations

27.02.2014 | Horbury, Great Britain – Is it really 12 months since bathmates USA journey began? It is according to Tim Brown Brand Manager of Bathmate/Hydromax. Tim attended the recent Expomark event in Cancun, it was just 12 months ago that Bathmate/Hydromax has been launched at Expomark in Vieques Puerto Rico as its first trade event in the USA.



Bathmate/Hydromax has been met with open arms in the USA with sales exceeding well past what was anticipated by of Bathmate/Hydromax’s parent Company UM Products.


Tim commented, “We chose to enter the USA market with an exclusive partner, Brand One Inc, of Brooklyn, Ny. Sales to date are very impressive, and the future looks bright for Bathmate/Hydromax in the US.”


Vadim Days, CEO of Brand One Inc added: “Um Products set the targets very high for the first year, but at Brand One we rose to the challenge and achieved excellent first year sales. It’s great to be selling the world’s best penis enlarger.”


Retailers are doing very well with the brand and reorder activity is growing each month.


For information on becoming a of Bathmate/Hydromax reseller in the USA, please email Vadim Daysodov: