Bathmate to launch consumable range at ANME 2017

Bathmate Logo

02.01.2017 | Horbury, Wakefield, UK – Bathmate are set to add two new products to the bathmate consumable range at ANME in January 2017.

The first of these products is the bathmate Control. The Control is Bathmates delay gel, unlike any other delay gel on the market, Control is made completely from natural ingredients. But not only that, it can be applied a long time before any sexual intimacy, meaning you can be confident of beicleanng in full control when you most need it.

The second of these new additions is Clean. Some of you will remember that Bathmate used to sell sterilising tablets for the pumps, although these were discontinued some time ago Bathmate is still asked for the tablets on a regular basis. Clearly there is room for a branded pump cleaner. Clean can be used on virtually any sex toy and is an alcohol-free spray designed for use on all sex toys and is safe to use on latex and silicone for a thorough hygienic clean.

These new additions compliment the Max Out. Max Out is made with TestostomaxTM. It is a unique blend of 23 components designed to boost the male libido. Bathmate Max Out ‘Jelqing Enhancement Serum’ sets the standard against which all other Jelqing Serums will be judged. Bathmate development engineers have worked tirelessly to ensure that only the finest quality ingredients are used in the final formulation.